It’s true. I’m a former long-haired-hippie-hair-band guitar player.

In fact, until the unceremonious death of good time hard rock in the early 90’s, music was my entire life. The band was called Slam Circus (I know, I know…not a great name, but all the good band names were taken long before I was forced to pick one!) and we were doing quite well right up to the point that Nirvana came out and made your Granddad’s flannel the epitome of high fashion. After “Smells like teen spirit” came out and made Rock and Roll rebellious again, there was no point in continuing a career playing fun, loud music.And we were committed to fun. Our logo was the band name around a giant smiley face, and we were consciously trying to be an alternative to the skull and crossbones imagery of the hard rock/metal music of the day. Sure, we got labeled a hair band, but was it really my fault that my golden locks took on a gorgeous natural curl when they reached three feet in length? I think not.
And I’ll tell you what else I think, since you didn’t ask and might not care…I’m really proud of these songs. I was then and I am now. That’s why they’re here…to be frozen in time before they get any older and any more irrelevant. They were recorded in the early 90’s in a studio in Saline, Michigan. The studio was upstairs in a building on the Patalan Horse Farm, which was owned and operated by our singer’s family. I’d drive from Columbus to Michigan every Friday, we’d record during the day and play shows at night all weekend, then I’d drive back to Columbus around 3 o’clock Monday morning to be at work by 7am. It was a crazy few years and I loved every minute of it.
So here they are…The greatest hits of Slam Circus. If you like Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan and have ever wondered what it would sound like if they both got thrown in a blender…here’s your answer. Do me a favor, don’t play ’em on your tiny computer speakers…download ’em and put ’em on proper: Good speakers, nice and loud.Oh yeah…the music bug has bitten me again, and after I finish this third book, my next project will be a product for shooters that combines music with shooting in a way that’s never been attempted before. Wish me luck, I’ll need it! Download all the songs (50MB Zip File)