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  • How do I get a class in my area?
    The easiest way to get a class in your area is to become a class sponsor. It’s also how you can get the class for free! The class sponsor finds an available range with standard match props and secures the range for the required dates. The class sponsor will handle all communication with Range Management and ensure that all required props areavailable, including but not limited to targets and pasters. We will provide a list of requirements based on the classyou select. Class sponsor also has the option to house and transport Steve for the duration of class. In exchange for the services above the class sponsor gets the class at no charge. Mail us to arrange a class in your area!
  • What Classes are available?
    Standard 2 Day Class – suitable for all skill levels Advanced Two Day Class– best suited for B class and higher Mental Management - can either be a 6 hour class over 1 day or 2 hours over 3 days - face to face OR online
  • What does Standard 2 Day Class Cover?
    This class is suitable for all skill levels and covers the following: Sample stage for score Intro to Match Mode Dry Fire Tune-up How and Why to Shoot Groups How to improve transitions Learn to call your shots a. Clinical b. Practical c. Match Mode Mini Stages Principles of Movement Shooting While Moving Tends to run between 650 and 750 rounds, depending on class size.
  • What does Advanced 2 Day Class Cover?
    Advanced Two Day Class is best suited for B class and higher. This course assumes a shooter can hit a 10 yard popper on demand. It also tends to be more physically demanding so good physical fitness is encouraged. Covers the following: Sample stage for score Match mode stage analysis Technical stage analysis Shooting Steel while moving Advanced Group Shooting Improving Accuracy at speed a. Freestyle b. Strong Hand c. Support hand Advanced Shot Calling Advanced Movement Principles Pause instead of stop Advanced shooting while moving a. Paper b. Steel c. Partials Tends to have a higher round count, could near 1000 based on class size. Limited to a max of 10 shooters.
  • What is Match Mode Coaching?
    For an additional fee, Steve will attend a match with the class, and help ensure that they stay in Match Mode for the duration of the match. All aspects of Mental performance under pressure will be learned and applied.
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