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Refinement and Repetition is an 8 1/2 x 11, spiral-bound book made up of 38 dry fire drills, including the exact drills used to achieve the rank of Grand Master in one year after buying my first Open Gun. I am obviously a huge believer in the power of dry fire practice to make all of the skills required to fire a pistol accurately at high speed truly subconsciously controlled. When the basic gunhandling skills are subconsciously controlled you are no longer drawing, aiming, pulling the trigger and firing the gun. You are simply shooting.

This book exists because I set a goal. I wanted to be a GM. It became an obsession for me after I watched Blake Miguez do some high speed hosing on a Matt Burkett DVD. I had never seen or even contemplated shooting a gun that fast, but I knew I could do it with practice. Because both my parents were music teachers, I fully understood the power of practice and had already experienced it first hand as a guitar player. As a teenager I spent hours playing scales and finger exercises on un unplugged electric guitar to build finger strength, speed and coordination, so the idea of dry fire made perfect sense to me.

I analyzed the USPSA classifiers and realized that most of them involved shooting six rounds, reloading, and then shooting six more rounds and various target arrays. From there it was simple to devise drills to address those challenges. These became the first 12 drills in Refinement and Repetition. The others came after a similar analysis of the skills that are needed in common USPSA stages.

It’s important to remember that I never set out to write a dry fire book. I set out to make GM. The book got produced because I got tired of giving away the drills for free.

Trust me, it works. If you want to get really good, really quick, there’s no better way.

Refinement and Repetition

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