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First Advanced Class in South Africa

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Speaking with you briefly before the class you asked “do you want to see the summit?” slightly perplexed I wasn’t sure what you meant but you went on to ask “you are working towards the summit aren’t you?” well, now I understand what you meant and to end it off you answered “well, I’m going to show you the summit”.

This Advanced class did a phenomenal job of showing you exactly what the next level actually is, for many of us I don’t think that we view the next level with the correct amount of open mindedness or understanding. On day one we covered a variety of skills beginning a sample stage that tested all the skills the sport requires from a technical point right through to your mental skills. Shot calling was taken to the next level illustrating just how important it is and how it should applied in your everyday practice. The day included a fixed time Standard Classifier which for many of us South Africans was revolutionary, who wouldn’t want to compare their results to the world’s best? Day two was comprised mostly of movement drills, another classifier with movement and finally a lot of shooting on the move. We were able to absolutely understand the value and importance of shooting sooner and leaving sooner or seeking out particular passing lanes you didn’t think existed further illustrating that when you aren’t shooting, Hit Factor is “0”. The classifiers were a great tool that can be used to either evaluate your current level of skill and indicate what needs work, once you have the understanding you can break down the classifier into parts that require your attention for positive gains.

Reading into the class with as much of an open mind possible I realised how much of the time we spent discussing and talking about the mental game. The majority of what you discussed with the class was mental ability based, further assisting us obtain success in the demanding drills of the class. Clarifying the understanding that complete performances and improvement can only be created through a well-balanced system of mental ability and technical skill. Bringing about the importance and understanding of just how important the delicate balance of your technical skill and mental ability truly is. This is the complete system in its entirety.

Completing the advanced class with Anderson Shooting absolutely revolutionised not only the way that I apply myself to matches or practice but, how I combine the way that I apply myself and the way that I THINK about practice and matches. Thank you Steve for opening my mind. Garrett-John Evans

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