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See What you Need to See

"See what I need to see" has been my go to focus phrase since training with you last year. This has worked pretty well, but I still have too many make up shots and unacceptable shots than I would like. After your recent podcast with the Pod Daughter it dawned on me that it was Sights AND Trigger that I needed to focus on. This clicked after hearing Haylie (SP?) repeat "Sights and Trigger" over and over. I told myself "be like Haylie" and used "Sights and Trigger" as my focus phrase today with great results. My hits were so much better at today's match, even with many moving targets, strong hand /weak hand shooting and lots of long range partials. Thanks to Haylie for helping me see the light. Also congratulations to her on her promotion to Pod Princess. I too have a stepdaughter. She is now grown but in reality she is my daughter and I am her Dad. Besides the previous sentence I have not referred to her as my stepdaughter in forever. It's cool to see you having this relationship with your daughter. To be able to share her shooting journey, If she decides to follow that path, will be so awesome for both of you. But if she doesn't follow that path, that's ok too. I hope you enjoy your journey together whatever that may be, as much as me and my daughter have. Thanks.

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