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Another Trophy Letter

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Hello Steve,

I have not communicated with you since I took the Mental Management class back in August 2021.

From August on I was pretty busy, preparing for competition, competing, or working.

The year turned out pretty well, I competed in nine sanctioned matches across the eastern United States and took first in my Class six times.

I am confident that my mental preparation and execution is better than my physical shooting skills at this point.

Mental Management kept me in the game, a couple of years ago I might have a stage that needed substantial work and the wheels would come off!

Sure, there were stages this year that needed work, but my reaction was so much different…a short assessment of what I did, what I needed to change, or quick reinforcing comment to myself on a good run, and I moved on.

This year felt different, and I enjoyed myself more, perhaps I was a little too intense and trying too hard on game day.

This year, as the morning of the match approached, I felt confident because I knew I did everything I could in preparation for the match.

I was able to come out of match mode occasionally, to engage others and just take in the event and then flip a switch to go right back to match mode.

I had set two goals, one to be in the top 10% of my Class and two acquire a promotion to the next highest class at the biggest sanctioned match down in Georgia.

I ended up in the top 11% (4th Place) and earned the promotion by beating 28 competitors in my class, 47 in the class above me, and 7 in two classes above me.

Thanks for all your help, the podcast, and the Mental Management class.

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