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Principles of becoming GM

Dear Steve, I shot my first match ever about 1.5 years ago, for the last 6 months I have subscribed heavily to your podcast, and have been using the principles of performance training books. Today, for the 6th time out of my last seven matches I took first place in my division (Limited), and shot my first GM score on a classifier. I shot a 98.5%. All I had to do was surrender to my eyes, as my speed-mode dry fire, memorization, and visualization made everything else subliminal. This coming weekend I’m headed to the Florida state match with cool headed confidence, and an extra pair of underwear. This was also the first match at which I sharted mid-stage. Worth it. P.S. Remember when I said the new gas pedal from SSI should bump me to GM? I’m only A class right now, so far it’s worked…. Let shooting sports innovations know I need a sponsor. Thanks for everything, Joey Sauerland

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