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North MS Class Review

Steve, I wanted to offer a written class review. I’m sure you have plenty of testimonials but I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. I posted this on my Facebook page, but it won’t have the reach that a written letter read on the podcast might have. Also, if you ever need someone to provide a good reference, feel free to give out my email. Anyway, on to the review..

I just finished up a weekend of training with Anderson Shooting. Steve’s class is one of the best shooting experiences I’ve had. I started listening to Steve’s “That Shooting Show” podcast after it was recommended to me by a shooting friend a few years ago. I’ve also read his books and applied the information in them to get better in a shorter time, and for less money, than I would have thought possible when I started shooting. This weekend marked the 5 year anniversary of my first ever match. Coincidentally, instead of shooting our regularly scheduled local match, a group of our shooting friends decided to get together for a two day class with Steve. To say it was worth it is an understatement. With his instruction, we were all able to accomplish things that we didn’t know were possible for us just a few days ago. Our class participants were split between USPSA and IDPA for our primary sport, but the class curriculum applied to both. Steve was able to explain what adjustments we needed to make for the most benefit in our respective sports on certain drills where there may be some variation. Although our skill and level of participation varied some, all of us came away knowing that by applying the right process, we can achieve as much success as we are willing to work for in the sport. No one, from a newer shooter that had only shot a couple of matches to a master class shooter in multiple disciplines, left the range disappointed. The most impressive thing about Steve was his ability to instantly tailor his instruction to each shooter based on their skill level and push everyone just the right amount to see meaningful gains in a short period of time. No one felt left behind or held back during the class. We all left with an understanding of what to work on for improvement as well as a process to get there. The drills that we shot were simple and can be set up in almost any reasonably sized space for dry fire or any outdoor range for live fire for future practice. They can easily be modified to increase or decrease the shooting or movement difficulty to challenge any shooter. This class is one that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys practical shooting, especially if you have a desire to get better sooner than later. Personally, I took the class about 5 years too late. I’m just glad I didn’t wait any longer than that. If you are the least bit interested in taking a class, reach out to Steve through If he doesn’t have anything immediately available in your area, don’t hesitate to host your own class. Steve makes the process of setting up a class extremely easy. All you’ll have to do is get a group of participants together and find an appropriate venue. It’s really that simple. David Jackson

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