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Open Match!

Hey Steve!

Shot a match with my Bullesteros this weekend and just wanted to share what happened, and what I learned! - There were some surprises!

First and foremost - 5th Overall (61 shooters) - 4th Open & Won A-Class (If I was M-Class already, I would have won that, too)

My goal for the match was to stick to my process. Any time I notice my brain doing anything outside of what I know I'm supposed to be thinking about - change the channel. Which is a goal that I knocked out of the park!

The weird thing was, I had five mystery mikes. Which is NOT like me at all - in fact, I looked on Practiscore, and ever since I started taking classes with you, I haven't had more than a single miss at a match - I felt like I was calling solid shots, so my butt was in the car at 6am the next morning to go work on distant No-Shoot partials (which was where they showed up). Figure out what happened.

Turns out my dot was TEN clicks too high! :| I guess you don't notice that when the targets are closer. But you definitely will on a tight no-shoot partial at 25 yards haha! After adjusting that through some 25-yard groups (happy to say they were easily coffee-cup-lid-sized!🎵) I had NO more problems with distant no-shoot partials. Full sized or mini.

Now imagine what that match would have scored like if I had set my dot correctly. I checked the practiscore what-if's. It was pretty close to GM. Know what that feels like? CONFIDENCE.

Anyway! Thanks for all the help and encouragement! Hope you’re doing well!🧟‍♂️


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